March 15, 2017 Post

The powers that be have heard our wishes and are granting us our heart’s desire: ice cream and booze in one glorious, mouthwatering dessert!

“Tipsy Scoop” was invented by some geniuses in NYC — who are officially our favorite people in the whole world. This sweet treat is 5% alcohol by volume, and therefore not intended for kids.

These liquor-infused pints don’t come cheap — a party pack retails at $75 when ordered in NYC, and $109 when ordered through Goldbely.

But admit it, this frozen liquid gold is worth every penny.

They also offer ice cream sandwiches and boozy birthday cakes if you want to get really fancy.

Finally, the age-old question has been answered: should you have a bowl of ice cream after dinner, or a glass of wine? Duh, why not have both!

If you’re as excited as we are, make sure to check their retail locations on their website, If you’re ordering outside NYC, you can order online through